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Deposits and Other Policies



Please review The Fox and Owl Inn’s list of policies. The innkeepers aim to provide guests with the greatest level of comfort and convenience. Please communicate any thoughts or questions that you might have to enable the innkeepers to make your stay as wonderful as possible.




A 50% is required to hold your reservation. You can request to make this deposit by credit card over the phone or by personal check. We will hold your reservation for 5 days, but if deposit is not received in that time, your reservation will be lost.


Upon issuing a refund, the innkeepers will deduct a $30 processing fee from your total refund to reimburse them for their time spent processing your original booking, as well as handling your refund.


Deposits are refundable if:

- Reservations are cancelled more than 30 days prior to your check-in date

- Reservations are cancelled less than 30 days but more than 7 days prior to your check-in date and we are able to fill your room(s) with another booking


No deposits will be returned if reservations are cancelled within 7 days prior to your check-in date. In addition, you will be charged in full for any booked nights within 3 days following the time of cancellation if we are unable to fill the room(s) with another booking. The innkeepers always do their best to re-fill these bookings to avoid charging guests for unused nights.

*** COVID-19 Deposit Policy (in place until further notice)- in the case that an incoming guest becomes COVID-19 infected or compromised, otherwise non-refundable deposits may be 'refunded' in the form of a Fox and Owl Inn gift certificate.


If guests leave part-way through their multi-day booking, they will still be charged for remaining nights, up to 3, unless we are able to fill their room(s) with another reservation. 


A credit card number will be required when making your reservation, even if you intend to pay with cash or check. If you do not wish to involve a credit card, a personal check or money order for the full amount of your stay will be required within 7 days of requesting the reservation. In the event of cancellation, a refund will be issued if appropriate.



Other Policies:


Check In: Check-in is typically after 3:00pm, but we do our best to accommodate the needs of our guests, so do not be shy to ask about other arrangements. Regardless of your check-in time, please inform innkeepers of your expected arrival time. There may be a self-check-in arranged in some circumstances.

Check-Out: Check-out is by 11:00 a.m. Later check-out can only be made available if the inn’s schedule allows for that flexibility.

Children: While the inn is appointed for the enjoyment of adult guests, we do not disallow well-behaved, highly supervised children at The Fox and Owl Inn. We want them to enjoy their stay, but we need them to be safe. We do not have a childproofed inn. We ask that all visiting children's safety and basic behavior is supervised by parents/guardians at all times to ensure children's safety and protect the house and furniture, as well as the peace of our other guests. (When renting all of the inn's bedrooms, the "Full Suite", safety and behavior are still of the upmost importance, but there is not a concern regarding other guests.) We reserve the right to inform you and your children if behavior is dangerous or inappropriate at the inn; if inappropriate behavior is not addressed immediately and consistently, we reserve the right to ask guests to leave without refund. Please call us with any more specific questions or thoughts. If you need equipment for your child while traveling, please visit BabyQuip for local rentals.

Candles: For all of our safety, we do not allow burning candles of any kind in the guest rooms or common areas.

Damage: Guests are responsible for damage they cause to the inn and its wares. Please alert the innkeepers if something has broken and the situation will be handled fairly.

Smoking: Under no circumstance is smoking allowed inside the inn or on the porches. The only area on our property where smoking is allowed is at the very end of the driveway. Guests who choose not to follow these rules will be charged a $200.00 cleaning fee and you will be asked to leave, with no refund. Smokers can deposit butts in the black metal container attached to the tree at the end of the driveway. 

Pets: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets. Too many guests have allergies, fears, or discomfort around cats and dogs (as well as other furry friends) and we want everyone's stay to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. For your furry travel companions, we highly recommend The Social Hound, a doggy daycare and boarding facility that is only 10 minutes away from our bed and breakfast. We use The Social Hound whenever our pup needs a fun, clean, safe place for the day, or an occasional overnighter, and we are always very pleased with their services. Please visit for more information. We have also used local pet-sitters through  .


Service animals are, by law, welcome. A service animal is a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.


Our calm, loveable little 20-pound Corgi/Beagle mix named Utah lives with us, loves to say hello to dog-friendly guests outside if they meet, and never ventures into guest space.  

COVID-19: We track and follow all CDC recommended guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our guests, and our guests assume all reasonable risk while staying at our facility. By booking a reservation with us and checking in, you are accepting that The Fox and Owl Inn will not be held responsible for any liability towards current or future Covid-19 contraction.

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