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The Fox and Owl Inn is owned by a couple living out our dream of running a bed & breakfast in a sweet little village. In addition to being innkeepers, Rebecca is a community organizer & elected official, and Andrew is an architect & artist. They both find joy in sharing stories with their guests at the beginning and end of each day.

More about your hosts:


As hosts, we take our cue from guests on how much or how little they'd like to socialize. We love sharing stories over a cup of coffee in the den, or a glass of iced tea on the porch, but we respect when guests have their own agenda. Of course, we have our own lives as well, so you are likely to see us as often as you don't, lending you plenty of privacy. We are always happy to provide as much information as you would like about the village and surrounding areas, public transit, and restaurants.

We purchased this property in August of 2013, and as we hold our inn to the same standards that we expect when traveling, we are more than confident that you will enjoy your stay.

About Us

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